Music at Plymouth Grove

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Song of the Week-8th Feb


music-notesThis week I’ve chosen a traditional Spanish childrens song.  It’s a bit tricky, but but see how many of the words you can join in with.  The English translation is written under the Spanish words so you might find it easiest to think of some actions based on what the words mean first.  Then listen and join in with the actions and if you are feeling brave…join in with the words!

Song of the Week-1st Feb


music-notesWell done to nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2 who all had a go at the ‘My Dog’ last week!  Mrs Smith said all the infants sang it really well in assembly so obviously the hard work paid off.

A fun counting song this week for Foundation and KS1.

And for KS2 we’ll stick with ‘Mr Miller’ for another week and see if any classes are brave enough to try it as a round!,-mr-miller

Have fun!

Song of The Week-25th Jan


music-notesWell done to 2S!  I have heard lots of singing coming from their room -they now know both of the Songs of the Week so far!  Has anyone else had a go at the songs of the week?  It would be great to find out.  Please leave a comment if you have a go at the song.

This week we have an old favourite for KS1.  My Dog is A Good Dog

For KS2 I’ve chosen a jazzy number called ‘Hey Mr Miller’.  Year 5/6 will have a headstart because we are learning about rounds and we sang this song this week.  Don’t worry about singing in parts though…just sing it together and think of some actions to do on ‘Trombone’ and ‘Saxophone’ !,-mr-miller

Song of the Week-18th Jan



A chant to get your voice and body moving to the beat.  Just listen to it and join in when you can.  Perhaps you could make up some actions to go with it.

The order of the words in the counting section is Count, Stomp, Pat, Clap, Click, Turn, Jump! 

Have fun!

Song of the Week


Have a go at this warm up that gets your voice and body alert and ready to go!  Click on the link below and you will find all the instructions for learning the song.  Have fun!